Green Lungs

Introducing Birmingham’s new arrivals to the city’s green spaces

The Green Lungs project introduced over seventy five refugees living in Birmingham to the historic Cannon Hill Park through a series of creative workshops that took place in Autumn 2016. Many of the participants were recently settled in Birmingham, seeking sanctuary in the city. The project was symbolic welcome to Birmingham’s green spaces: havens of peace and quiet in the urban, post-industrial landscape.

A key aim of Green Lungs was to build meaningful and prolonged connections between the participants and the parks that will last beyond this project, creating a legacy that participants can share with their family, friends and community. The project culminated in the planting of spring bulbs in a secluded part of the park - a small yet lasting intervention for each individual involved that they can return to next year.

Green Lungs has been co-produced with a group of young creative producers from Birmingham, who worked collaboratively with Justin Wiggan and the participants to creatively document the project and to shape the exhibition. 

Green Lungs Exhibition
21 November 2016 - 28 February 2017
mac birmingham

The Green Lungs exhibition was on display at mac birmingham showing the participant exploration of the park, historic information and a series of commissioned works by Justin Wiggan.

In partnership with

mac birmingham
St Chad's Sanctuary
Birmingham Wellbeing Service & Active Parks
Birmingham Park Ranger Service.

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