Weddings, Holidays, Parties and the bits in-between

An exhibition by Ampersand Projects as part of the Living Memory project.

Bleakhouse Library
6 August - 1 September

Bleakhouse Road, Oldbury B68 9DS

Thimblemill Library
2 September - 1 October

Thimblemill Road, Smethwick, B67 5RJ

See links for library opening hours and times.

The exhibition consists of personal family photographs of Black Country residents, revealing the social and private history of the area. We have been meeting and talking to people about their family albums and the lives and stories that they contain.  These images, drawn from across the last century, still resonate because the experiences they contain are at once special and unique moments in time, but also everyday and universal.

(c) Coral Musgrave, On Holiday at Butlins Minehead, 1968.

(c) Coral Musgrave, On Holiday at Butlins Minehead, 1968.

In our increasingly digital world, there is less place for the physical nature of a photo album and they are becoming less of a tradition in people’s homes. This exhibition celebrates the format of family albums, the way they collect our memories together and their ability to connect us with our past and remind us of loved ones, special occasions and times gone by.

With thanks to the following for participating in the project:

Coral Musgrave
Greg Stokes
Keith Bracey
Robin Bird
Sandra Hughes


Living Memory are recording local people’s life stories and memories connected to their photography collections, making a series of new films, professionally archiving over 1000 favourite photographs, creating a new touring exhibition and much more besides.